Pleaser Shoes - Flamingo

Sensuous, Sexy & Wild. Pleasers are the classic go-to Pole Dancers shoe. And we can see why. Available in so many different colours, heel heights with a whole array of different straps and details. Their innovative designs just get better and better, just when you think they have released your now favourite shoe they bring out another that you fall totally in love with! The range is now so large it can get a little confusing sometimes knowing the difference between them so we have grouped them together in their collections with a brief description on how you tell the difference.

Pleaser Flamingo Shoes and Boots - 8 Inch Heels with a 4 inch Platform - The heel height many aspire to be able to walk and dance in! Giving birth to the pole dancer innuendo quote 'I just got my first 8 Inches' LOL Are you part of the 8" club if so you will love all the Flamingo shoes we have listed for you. Sky scrapper heels that that are designed to dazzle as you dance. In all the usual clear, chrome, patent and glitter finishes.


If your looking for that perfect heel clack then clear platform 8 inchers are supposed to make the best sound so if you are built to bang then this heel height is perfect for you!


Our selection isn't limited to those styles listed on our website, give us a shout if you cant see what your after.


IMPORTANT!!! Please read the information on the main Pleaser page for details on shipping costs and delivery times...

Flamingo Collection