2Toms - Grip Shield - 1.50 fl oz / 45 ml - Sports Grip - Special Release Price £12.25 RRP £13.50


In the light of the recent DryHands shortage us at Pole Sweet Pole have been on a serious hunt to find other hand grips that work just as well.


We bring you Grip Shield 


For physical activity in hot, humid conditions or for when you need that extra hand grip on the pole to stop you falling on your face Grip Shield helps enhance your grip.


Perfect for ALL sports that require a firm dry grip! 

Ideal for pole fitness, racket sports, cycling, weightlifting & power-lifting, gymnastics, climbing, cross-fit, hockey, gaming and many more sports, hobbies & work activities


Long lasting and works immediately. Dries clear, no chalky residue with a fresh scent.


Made in the USA


Trial 4g Sachets also available in other listing 

2Toms - Grip Shield - 1.50 fl oz / 45 ml

  • Apply a small amount to hands and spread eavenly. Allow to air dry for 15 seconds. Reapply as needed.