A Little Book of Handstands - Paperback Edition - On Sale


Bendy’s next book in her training book series. Following up on the success of Advanced Stretching Technique Bendy wanted to help you get your handstands too!


A Little Book of Handstands is split up into 14 Chapters starting with simple upright hand balances and then taking you all the way through to one handed handstands and contortion handstands! It flows in a chronological order to help you work your way up and conditioning your hand balancing in the best order. You do NOT have to handstand to buy this book; it contains lots of wall balances, conditioning, entries and exits too!


The book has a lot of information to help you understand the biomechanics of the balances covered in each chapter.Suitable for all levels but please consult a doctor first if you feel unsure about starting this kind of discipline for the first time.


Photography by Scrumptious Photography


Graphics by @DesignJules


Author: Kate Czepulkowski (BSc Hons Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation)


Models: Kate Czepulkowski (Bendy Kate) Sally Miller and Caroline Arundel

Let Bendy help you achieve your potential!

Bendy Kate - A Little Book of Handstands - Paperback