Advanced Stretching Technique by Bendy Kate - Paperback Edition

The Bendy Kate Advanced Stretching Technique Book is the perfect reference book to help guide you through your flexibility training.

Featuring 14 chapters on different areas of the body, with over 100 different flexibility techniques.


An encyclopaedia of stretches separated into easy to follow chapters. There are 7 Chapters of stretches going through all the major muscle groups starting from the head and ending on the toes! The book also includes bonus sections on; dynamic flexibility, active flexibility, foam roller, partner stretches, contortion and more! Not aimed at complete beginners to exercise however there are plenty of beginners stretches included for people who are new to stretching and want to improve their flexibility


Photography by Scrumptious Photography


Graphics by @DesignJules


Author: Kate Czepulkowski (BSc Hons Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation)


Models: Caroline Arundel, Alison Roy, Kirsty Shepherd and Kate Czepulkowski

Let Bendy help you achieve your flexibility potential!

Bendy Kate Advanced Stretching Technique Paperback