The lights dim as you step on stage in your new Competition Shorts. Your heart is pounding and your hands are beginning to sweat, but the only thing you can think of is the routine that you spent months preparing for this very moment. As you strike your starting pose, you feel weightless and sexy- the scrunch butt and the wide waist band of the shorts fit you like a glove. A small smile creeps across your lips because you know that even as you fongi down the pole with strength and grace, your gluteal fold will stay in place! 

Designed and created for the competitor at heart, our competition short was created with the assistance of the Pole Sport Organization to adhere to costuming rules. A higher waistline and full gluteal coverage along with our signature scrunch butt. This short is quickly becoming an industry favorite.

~ Created For Polefitness Competition Complyment
~ Covers the Gluteal Fold
~ Sexy Scrunch Bum
~ Thick waist Band No Elastic

BK PoleFit - Competition Shorts


    Measurements in Inches


    S 26-27 36-37  4-6
    M 28-29 38-39  8-10
    L 30-31 40-41 12-14