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Non-slip hands for Pole Dancers

Ask any Pole Dancer and they will tell you having slippery hands are a Pole Dancer’s worst nightmare. Dry Hands will give you the grip and confidence you need to perform those more daring and athletic moves such as climbs, spins and body inversions, without the fear of losing your grip.

Dry Hands is easy to use, no mess, no fuss, no sticky or greasy residue.
Simply rub into your hands and your hands instantly become moisture resistant and therefore creating the perfect non-slip grip. Moisture is gone yet your hands are still able to breathe.


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Dry Hands Bulk Buy Studio Pack - £177.12 - Use Code: STUDIOPACK for Discount

  • To demonstrate the true effect of Dry Hands... simply shake contents, then apply a small amount into the palm (about a 5p piece size) and spread evenly to both hands. Allow to air dry for approximately 15 seconds (blowing on hands will accelerate the drying process). For the best results, once evenly applied, do not continue to rub. A white powder may appear, it can be removed, yet the effectiveness of Dry hands will remain.

    Once applied, we ask that you hold the Pole and enjoy the great feel of Dry Hands. Now place a couple of drops of water in your hands and watch how the water beads up and rolls away. Dry Hands is the only grip product that really repels moisture and water!