XPERT (PX) Pro 45mm Powder Coat White


Exclusive to X-Pole, the patent pending ‘X-LOCK’ mechanism requires no tool to change the XPERT PRO from Static to Spinning - just a twist of the wrist. Requiring only a turn to switch from static to spinning or back, it takes less than a second and can be done one handed.


The newly designed, smaller, upper dome has a smooth retro look whilst still maintaining X-Poles world renowned pole stability during use.


Taking the best elements of the world’s top-selling pole, the X-POLE XPERT, adding ‘X-LOCK’ and a new upper dome creates the most technically advanced and safest portable dance pole available today.


Key Features:

-  X-LOCK - Static to Spinning in a quarter of a turn, takes less than a second - NO TOOL REQUIRED

-  Bottom height adjustment – no ladders required

-  Featuring X-JOINT technology – easy to use and quick to install

-  Smooth pole from top to bottom - no transition between pole tubes

-  Articulating micro base - easy to set up, even on uneven floors

-  40mm (1.5”) and 45mm (1.75”) pole diameters available

-  Extendable height from 2275mm (7’ 6”) to 2770mm (9’ 1") out of the box

-  Optional extensions for ceiling heights up to 3395mm (11'1”)


X-POLE XPERT PRO (PX) - Powder Coat White - 45mm

    • All X-POLE products are supplied out of the box to fit ceiling heights from 2235mm (7' 4") to 2745mm (9') and are offered in several diameters and surface finishes to suit all types of hand and grip requirements.