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The Sweet Spot!

Hi, I'm Jessica Rabicano-Sweet, one half of Pole Sweet Pole and I love everything about pole dance. If you're going to be reading our blog I thought it only polite if I tell you a bit about myself.


I am a total kid at heart and sometimes I can't believe I'm actually a fully grown adult married with 2 kids, a mortgage and our own pole wear business.


I was very into Gymnastics as a youngster but from the age of 12 I didn't really do much sport, although I never could sit still I was and still am always bursting with excess energy! Mr Sweet and I met in 1995 just as I was starting 6th form! After leaving Performing Arts College at 18 I continued to work retail for a few years until one day I decided I wanted to be a Flight Attendant. I got a cabin crew position with Virgin Atlantic Airways and flew around the world for nearly 10 Amazing years. I only hung up my wings when we started a family.


Motherhood took its toll on my body so in my bid to shift 5 stone (70lb) in weight that I had gained during and after 2 children I started trying new types of exercise. First Zumba and Insanity but then I discovered Pole Fitness and what started as a hobby turned into a passion and eventually when Pole Sweet Pole was born it became my lifestyle!


Those that know us well know that out of the two of us I’m the one who likes to chat the most, some may even say I talk too much! But you know what? The older I get the less I care what people think about my personality. I'm not saying I don't care what people think of me as a whole, most people would be lying if they said they didn't! I do care if people think I'm a nice respectful person or a good friend as I always try my best at this and I do care if people think I'm a good businesswoman because I always strive for professionalism and try and make all our suppliers and customers feel special when I can. What I'm saying is, I care what people think about the conscious actions I make, the things I can change and have control over. Not whether I talk to much or if I’m the loudest in the room because these are my personality traits and believe me when I say my whole family is like this, it's just the norm and always has been for me. Now some people will say that you CAN change these things, you just talk less and at a lower volume. Then I'd just be a muted version of myself and wouldn't be me! So here I am loud and proud chatting about things I care about that I think others may be interested in. I hope you like what I have to say. Lots of it is just my opinion but you'll also get lots of useful facts, tips and suggestions if you take the time to read our blog.


The Sweet Spot is our blog page, written and posted for all to read. Here we will share our personal thoughts and guest blogs with you. We'd love to hear from you regarding any of the subjects that we share so if you have any feedback please email


Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy.

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