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 Shakti Active Wear


Brazilian designed and manufactured, our products are made to enhance the lives of those who are passionate about yoga, fitness, health and happiness. From day one, quality, creativity and attention to detail have been our foundation.


Made in Rio de Janeiro, Rio is not only one of the world's most culturally colorful and inspiring cities, she is a leader in the manufacturing of athletic apparel and fashion in general.

From our beautiful, bold prints and solid colors to our wide array of styles designed to flatter any body, without ever compromising comfort and feel. This, of course, is only half their story. Shakti understand that a business cannot be successful without a commitment to customer service and a mandate that places our customers first.

The Founder of Shakti took part in a program that taught meditation and yoga in the slums of Rio. One of the program leaders was a female monk from India and by the end of the three month event she asked her if she would like to receive a personal mantra for meditation and a spiritual name. She accepted so she gave me the mantra, which she keep secret, and a spiritual name that she could use if I liked. The name was Shakti. She loved it and looking into the meaning of it, she liked it even more because of its meaning — female energy, female power.


The Shakti Collection

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