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Aerial Fitness Books

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Pole Sweet Pole Logo

When it comes to pole and fitness training we all know that some of the planning and research is done outside of the gym or the pole studio. Us fitness and pole enthusiast spend a lot of time on social media finding new pole moves and combos or new exercises to try in the gym. We believe reference books are a valuable resource for this type fitness planning. All of the books we stock would be great additions to your training whether you want to improve your flexibility, work on your handstands or just find some new pole moves to perfect. The great thing about good old fashion books is as long as you have it with you you will have all the info at your fingertips. No worrying about wifi or mobile service. 

We stock The Spin City Ultimate Pole Bible, Bendy Kate's Advanced Stretching Technique and Little book of Handstads and On My Way by Sarah Carter

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