Pole Fitness Grip Aids

Get a Grip! We all have times at pole class when we need that extra bit of help with grip. Sweaty hands, cold days and trying crazy tricks for the first time can all be helped by applying a little pole grip. There are lots of grip on the market but keeping true to our business aim we only stock the pole grips we actually use, that way we can give you personal and honest advice should you need it. Each grip works better for application in certain areas so please read the full instructions before use and remember do not overuse pole grip otherwise you will grow dependant on it. Save it for those times you really need that extra helping hand.

Dry Hands: Does exactly what it says on the bottle! It helps keep your hands dry by forming a sweat proof barrier, this grip can also be applied to the body and to the pole itself. Sold in two sizes.

Pole Mama's Body Grip: An all natural body grip. Use on the inside of elbows, thigh, backs of the knees and anywhere you need extra grip but Not to be used on hands - Produced in unscented as well as 3 delicious scents. Sold in 3 different sizes. Comes in an easy to use twist up stick preventing it from getting anywhere it's not wanted or needed.

itac2 Pole Grip: Comes in two strengths, Regular and Extra, stored in a handy pot. This grip is a sticky bees wax based grip that is heat activated. Can be used on the body, hands and the pole but make sure when using itac2 you clean your pole immediately after training as letting this grip completely dry makes it very hard to remove.

itac2 Pole Cleaner: Comes in an easy to use pump spray bottle and is the ideal solution for removing itac2 from your pole surface. - This pole cleaner will also remove other grip products from your pole.

Pole Fitness Grip Collection