Pole Dance Leggings

Most pole dancers seem to spend a lot of time in leggings doing floor work, warming up, stretch classes and travelling to and from the studio or gym. Even if we are not training in them we can usually be found wearing them in our everyday activities as they seem to become a second skin. They are also the perfect attire for that great spontaneous street pole moment or crazy photo opportunity whilst still retaining your modesty.

Varying in lengths, design and fabric the choice out there is so vast. Our collection contains a selection of leggings from the brands we stock and is ever growing! 

Pole Dance Leggings Collection


Due to the current pandemic, social distancing rules and now lockdown in the UK dispatching orders have not only become more difficult but also now dangerous.

Because of this, we are sad to inform you that Pole Sweet Pole will not be processing any more orders until further notice.

This decision has not been made lightly! We really hope we are a back up and running again soon and fingers crossed we are all poling again with our pole buddies before you know it.

Stay safe and stay home.

Happy Isolating from Mr & Mrs Sweet