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Leg Warmers & Socks

Leg warmers are a vital part of any dancer's kit. Not only do they look cool but they help to keep your legs warm whilst you warm up, helping to prevent injury. The extra-long ones also help protect your legs and knees during floor work.

At Pole Sweet Pole we stock our own range in sizes 40cm, 60cm and the ever-popular with pole dancers.

Extra Long 90cm ones come in 13 different colours! Our Leg warmers contain Lycra so they don't keep falling down. 

Alongside our own range, we also stock Rad Pole Wear, Bendy Kate and Pole Candy Leg warmers.

Over knees socks are are also great for floor work especially if you're wearing Pleaser Shoes. Not only does it add cheeky sexiness to your outfit but they are great for protecting your tootsies whilst rolling around the floor. 

Leg Warmers and Socks Collection

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