Pole Mamas Body Grip

This easy to apply balm is gently massaged onto your skin to create a non-slip surface. Apply to parts of the body where contact is made and instantly feel that grip. Now you can power through those tough moves with ease all the while avoiding chemicals, bad odors, and messy applicators.

This is a body grip - Not to be used on your hands


Our Pole Body Grip comes unscented and in various scents.


Signature Cupcake: The buttery, creamy, and vanilla aromas makes our Signature Cupcake irresistible!! They smell just like vanilla cupcakes!


Sweet Janeiro: With hints of pineapple, coconut, rum, tangerine, banana and melon, this scent will instantly transport you to the tropical islands and have you smelling amazing in class!


Iron X: Is a unisex masterpiece. Its clean, and bold! Best known for its blend of complex smells of leather, tobacco, amber, musk, and a mixture of black tea & pepper which made it a prefect combination to mix with patchouli and sandalwood. It’s perfect for a man, but the clean scent can be worn by women too!

Zen: Lightly scented with cucumber, lavender and sage, this blend of essential oils are known to help with stress, anxiety, blood circulation, headaches and also contains anti-aging and anti-inflammation benefits.


Un-Scented: Has no essential oils. Start feeling Grippy with our Pole Mamas Pole Body Grip!


Even though they may smell good enough to eat, Do Not Consume; For External use only.

Pole Mamas Body Grip Collection


Due to the current pandemic, social distancing rules and now lockdown in the UK dispatching orders have not only become more difficult but also now dangerous.

Because of this, we are sad to inform you that Pole Sweet Pole will not be processing any more orders until further notice.

This decision has not been made lightly! We really hope we are a back up and running again soon and fingers crossed we are all poling again with our pole buddies before you know it.

Stay safe and stay home.

Happy Isolating from Mr & Mrs Sweet