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Leg Warmers & Socks

When it comes to pole and floor work most polers know that protecting your legs and toes can be vital. Firstly leg warmers and over-knee socks are great for keeping your leg muscles warm whilst you warm up but they also protect the skin on our legs and our toenails from scrapping on the floor during heel guilds and floor bangs! Not only are they a functional part of any pole dancer's kit they are also a great fashion accessory. Available now in so many different styles, fabrics and colours a great pair of leg warmers or over-knee socks can really bring a pole outfit together. 

At Pole Sweet Pole not only do we stock our own range of extra long legwarmers in 14 different colours and our own range of over-knee socks we also stock an array of different brands that all have their own style or spin on them from Rarr Designs Rhinestone socks to Rad Pole Wears velvet leg warmers we are sure you will find a pair that suits you or your outfit perfectly

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