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Dry Hands

Dry Hands Sports Grip Solution By Nelson Sports

Genuine Nelsons Sports Dry Hands - Stock from The USA - No Imitations!

Ask any Pole Dancer and they will tell you having slippery hands are a Pole Dancer’s worst nightmare. Dry Hands will give you the grip you need to perform moves such as climbs, spins and body inversions, without the fear of losing your grip.

Dry Hands is easy to use, it comes in a handy pocket-size bottle it's no mess, no fuss, no sticky or greasy residue making it the choice pole fitness grip for many pole dancers alike.
Simply rub a small amount into your palms and your hands will feel instantly dryer, therefore, creating the perfect non-slip grip. A little goes a long way!

Sometimes this Pole dancers elixir of life can seem pretty hard to get hold of, it must be something to do with the 'magical' ingredients used to make it, but never fear, if it's possible to have in stock we will do our best to make sure we don't run out.

Whether you buy one bottle at a time or a 12 bottle studio pack to resell at your studio we can assure you, that you are buying genuine stock that's ready for immediate dispatch so you won't need to wait too long for your next fix! LOL

We ship Dry Hands Gripping Solution to the UK, Europe and Internationally.

Did you know Dry Hands is not just for Pole Dancers in fact it was used by other sports men and women before pole athletes discovered it. It's the perfect grip for any racket sport, golfers, gamers, drone racers in fact it's the best solution for anyone that doesn't want to lose their grip!

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