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Pole Sweet Pole Platform Protectors

Are you tired of scuffing up your beautiful pole shoes with all your heel glides and drags from regular use? Want to protect those custom Pleaser shoes or bought competition shoes that you want to break in by training in them but don't want them destroyed from continuous practicing before the show? Well if so we have the perfect solution for you, platform protectors!

Cleverly designed socks for your shoes that have no sole for safe dancing.


Just slide them over the platform with the seam at the back and there you have it your shoe toes and the platforms are now protected from scrapes, scuffs and scratches, now these will dull your heal bangs and clacks a little but that's a small price to pay to protect your beautiful pole heels during training. Worn over open toe Pleaser styles, platform protectors will also protect you toes a little too whist doing floorwork so its a Win Win.

Our Current range comes in a selection of fierce animal prints - Solid black and other colours coming soon.

Our Platform Protectors Collection

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