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Pole Crash Mats

We all know that when it comes to learning new pole moves, safety should come first. It doesn't matter how advanced you are there are always times we need a helping hand from a spotter. Obviously if you are training alone a spotter isn't always possible so this is where crash mats become vital. Falling off a pole even from a low height can hurt! Landing on your bum 60% of the time we are usually OK as most of us have plenty of padding but landing on your back or face is a different matter. So stop awful injury's and broken noses by investing in a good crash mat, but remember just buying one isn't enough you have to use it for it to actually be beneficial - When folded up they make great seats but they are not going to save you if they are sitting in the corner of the room or studio - Think safety first , we promise you it will be one of the best pole investments (besides your pole) that you make!

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