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Enviro Grip - Liquid Chalk (60ml)


At Enviro Grip, we are changing the game with our unique formula of liquid chalk that reduces sweat and increases grip to give you performance results like never before.


When you purchase Enviro Grip you're also contributing towards conserving our environment! 50 cents from every bottle goes straight to charities that work to conserve our planet.


*Green and Black tubes are the same Enviro Grip product. The difference is the colour and quote on the front.


✔️ Biodegradable tube
✔️ Vegan friendly
✔️ Not tested on animals
✔️ 50 cents to charity
✔️ Unique formula
✔️ Vanilla scent

Enviro Grip - Liquid Chalk (60ml)

  • Not Tested On animals

  • Ethanol, Aerosil 200, Water, Proplene Glycol, Organic silicone, vanilla fragrance.

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