Girlie Grip - Pole Grip Solution 2Fl oz. / 60ml


In the light of the recent DryHands drought we've revisited some products that we've know about for a while.


We bring you Girlie Grip - Pole Grip Solution


Designed by a pole dancer for pole dancers but perfect for any sport that requires good grip including Weight Lifting, Cross Fit, Kettle Bells, Climbing and Bouldering and any racket or stick sport even Gaming and Drone Racing.


Girlie grip Solution has a fresh scent dys clear and leaves no residue. Simply reapply as needed and wash off with soap and water once finished.


Just like DryHand a few drops goes a long way so a bottle like this will last just as long as your old favourite grip but this is cheaper so you will get more for your money and another difference to DryHand, Girlie Grip it's actually in stock! LOL

Girlie Grip - Pole Grip Solution 2Fl oz. / 60ml

  • Apply a small amount to hands and spread eavenly. Allow to air dry for 15 seconds. Reapply as needed.