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The itsy bitsy spider climbed up to the very tip-top of the pole! When she got there, she spun the most beautiful web that has ever been spun, and we took that web and turned into the lovely design on the back of the Spider back Top. Be careful, because just like the itsy bitsy spider, the Spider back top is itsy bitsy, and runs a bit smaller than all of our other tops!

One of PoleFit's first sports bra designs.This top offers great support and coverage with a sexy spider look in the back that comes together with a ring on the center of the back.

~ Sexy Strap Design
~ Compressed Low V Neck
~ Functional & Fashionable
~ Mid Support High Support

BK PoleFit - Spider Back Top

£25.00 Regular Price
£12.50Sale Price

    Measurements in Inches


      Under Bust Cup Size
    XS 24-30 AA-A
    S 26-32 A-B
    M 28-34 B-C


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