Total Grip® NEW Invisible Hand Liquid Chalk 50 ml - Launch Price


In the light of the recent DryHands drought we have been on a serious hunt to find other hand grips that work just as well - Out of all the products we have tried lately, our personal opinion is this is the closest product we have found to DryHands.


We bring you Total Grip®


Suitable for but not limited to Pole dancing, Weight Lifting, Cross Fit, Kettle Bells, Climbing and Bouldering and any racket or stick sport that requires good grip. In fact it can be used for anything where hand grip can play a vital part in doing well, even Gaming and Drone Racing


Formulated with silicone for an invisible coating


It's mess free - Total Grip's® clear liquid chalk formula contains no calcium carbonate found in traditional liquid chalks.


50 ml Bottle can provide up to 50 uses making it long lasting


Free carabiner supplied with every bottle so you can clip it to your bag and it's handy whenever you need it.

Total Grip® - Invisible Liquid Chalk 50ml

  • Apply a small amount to hands and spread eavenly. Allow to air dry for 15 seconds. Reapply as needed.