VEKKER LA - High Waisted Shorts - Key Lime Pie


From the Claudia Renee Collaboration Collection.


The High Waisted shorts just got a whole lot more srumptious. In new lemon and lime citrus coloured print


Two pair of shorts in one with fold down waistband option.


Made from double lined high quality fabric this short is sleek, sexy, will always stay put and is guaranteed to retain shape this is what makes the high waisted short is truly unique.


Cleverly placed elastic will keep the short high on the hips where it should be which also adds the perfect cheeky look on the backside.


These shorts are perfect for all activities and especially great for contortion positions. No more worrying about skin folds or unflattering angles, these shorts will make sure you look stunning!


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VEKKER LA - High Waisted Shorts - Key Lime Pie