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 Shakti Shorts

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Shaki Wear Logo

Designed for yoga perfect for pole.


For Shakti this was the the short that started it all. The founder designed the shorts because she couldn't find anything else like it on the market at the time. Whilst noticing that at studios yogis were wearing generic cotton based shorts and sweatpants to hot yoga classes she thought 'this room would look much better if people were wearing more colourful and comfortable outfits' The design of the side string shorts was her answer and quickly became a staple not only with Shakti but with many other clothing companies catering for hot and Bikram yoga. The breathable fabric wicks moisture away from the skin making them extremely comfortable to wear in hot and sweaty fitness enviroments.

The side string shorts have adjustable tie sides that allow you to show as little or as much booty as you desire. They are a great staple for any pole wear collection and perfect for beginners that wish to cover up a little more or require a little less skin grip. The adjustable sides allow your shorts to change as your pole journey progresses. A great investment, if you only own one style of shorts for yoga, hot yoga, pole fitness, zumba.... This is your short.

 Shakti Shorts Collection

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