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X-Pole Accessories

In this section you will find all X-Stage Pole Sets, accessories and spares parts

Did you know if you own an X-Stage you can fit any X-Pole Pole set to it? Yes that right One X-Stage = Endless possibility. Pole Sweet Pole have one Stage and have 3 interchangeable Poles -  a 45mm chrome, a 45mm Hot Pink silicone Pole and a 45mm Black powder coated pole we use each pole depending on what we want to train.

Ever had to deal with a 'cold' pole? Why not try one of our new Pole Warmers? Simply wrap it around your pole and using the Velcro straps secure it in place. Switch it on and leave at the desired heat setting (20, 30 or 40 degree Celsius) for approximately 15-20 minutes. Switch off the pole warmer, remove and use your warm pole. (Please note that this is not an excuse to forgo warm-up!) 

Need to permanently fix that pole to the ceiling? Whether its dictated but structure or just for peace of mind the the X-Pole Ceiling mounts do just the job!

  • Postage for X-Pole Accessories range between £7.50 and £19.99 within the UK - Please see product listing for prices and select relevant postal charge at checkout.

  • European shipping costs vary country depending, please contact us directly for shipping quotes for outside the UK 

  • All X-Pole products come direct from the supplier, Pole Sweet Pole has no control or influence over stock availability or delivery times. 

The X-Pole Accessories Collection

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